Monday, January 7, 2013


A while back, I received questions about the Manhattan Cabin model I designed some years ago called the Yeloise. It was published while we were flying at Columbia in the 70s.
Caner Aksu from Turkey and Dan Mellor from the USA were among those who asked about the plane. The photos here are of Dan’s Yeloise. Hopefully, Caner will send some pictures of his.

Here’s what Dan had to say about his model:
“I just finished a version of your “Yeloise”. I am normally a scale man, but one look at the plan that an email buddy sent me had me seduced instantly. I bought a copy of your book in October, then the Yeloise plan arrived in the mail so I had to build it…
I didn’t go all out for lightness, I wanted a model that would survive my inept handling. Ended up at just on 7g. I can see how you got yours to 4.3ish but I would be hard pushed to even handle the thing at that weight!”
I think that the heavier model would be a lot more fun to fly. Building to a competitive weight made the plane quite delicate so that handling required constant attention.

The original’s frame was tinted bright yellow and the condenser paper covering was tinted yellow as well.
The article with the plan was in the October 1977 issue of Model Builder Magazine (page 46 Vol. 7- Number 70) a copy of which is, I believe, might still available from Bill Northrop’s Plan Service (2019 Doral Court, Henderson, NV USA 89014-1075)

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