Monday, January 7, 2013

Where to buy

So far you can buy the book from AerocraftRCCarstens Publications (Flying Models Magazine), Peck Polymers and the National Free Flight Society. We were hoping Nats attendees could pick up a copy at the Museum Store but the AMA was unable to order in time. If you know of some other places that should be carrying Building & Flying Indoor Model Airplanes , please let us know and we’ll get in touch with them. Thanks!

More photos of Indoor Activities

Max Zaluska, a young modeler and indoor flyer has a photo album on Webshots. Some of his pictures are the clearest and most informative I’ve seen. The shots of planes being built and flying at Lakehurst’s Hangar One are exceptional. There’s a great one of Ray Harlan flying a Pennyplane out of one of the “blue cabins”. On the opening page of each of the albums in his photo-blog there is a button for a slide show on the right side of the screen – it’s not easy to find but is the best way to view his pictures. Moving the cursor to the bottom of the picture opens viewing controls.

Large prints of drawings from the book

A reviewer of the book on Amazon suggested that readers might want to copy drawings from the book to hang on the workshop wall. Why didn’t I think of that? Well, I have been thinking about it. I realized as I opened one PDF after another during the production of the book and this internet material, that when the drawings are enlarged 3 or 4 times they take on another character and are quite striking.
Then my friend Denis called and we got to talking about how he’s been producing digitally printed art work or digital art prints. He has a digital printer that will print up to 44″ wide! Imagine how much ink that takes. I sent a few illustrations to him and he’s going to see how they look printed large. Exciting.

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